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Placing an Order

Information Required with your C.O.M. Order

Order Requirements: In addition to frame information, the following information on your C.O.M. fabric is necessary on all orders:
  1. Name of supplier who is sending fabrics, trim, etc… (distributor or mill)
  2. Pattern and color
  3. Exact yardage sent
  4. Description of pattern
  5. Specific upholstering instruction, including but not limited to: placement of specific fabrics motifs and trim, outer face side of fabric, railroading or regular side by side cutting. If multiple fabrics or trims are used, please submit a diagram showing where each decorative item should be placed. If no information is given, Scott Koeth will use its best judgment in determining the application.

Condition of Sale:
  1. Merchandise return procedure: No merchandise may be returned without written authorization from our office. Notification of factory error or defect must be made within thirty days from the shipping date.
  2. Cancellation: No cancellations or changes can be accepted after the order has gone into production.
  3. Dimensions: We are manufacturing bench made furniture, and with any handmade item the dimensions may vary slightly due to handwork that goes into each piece. If you need exact measurements, please contact our office.
  4. Transportation Claims: Before accepting merchandise from the freight carrier, examine your shipment carefully. If there is any visible damage to the containers, insist that it be noted on the bill-of-landing before signing for the delivery. Damage claims or shortages of items need to be filled by you with the carrier within five business days. If you should find any concealed damaged, you are protected.

Other information:

Fringe, cord, band, bullion or use of multiple fabrics: These are available on all pieces. Please contact customer service for yardage requirements and price list of options up-charges.

Leather as C.O.M.: Please refer to the options price list up-charges.

We are setup to accommodate special request for contract applications: Change of eight-way hand tied springs to either drop in coils or webbing construction for foundation support. Change of fill from down blend to poly. Please contact office with special request and for pricing.

Many of our pieces come standard with goose down and feather construction. If the customer is allergic to down products we can substitute for non allergic material. Please contact our office for options and pricing before orders are placed.

Download our printable PDF order form.